Wild 'Erbs is a small company in Evergreen, Colorado. Our All-Natural products are made with very hot, fresh jalapeño peppers which we smoke over Hickory each year 'till they are perfectly seasoned. We don't add preservatives or other undesirable additivies. We use fresh veggies, herbs and spices whenever possible to create all natural products unlike anything you've tasted before.

TORCH is a smoky Chipotle Pepper hot sauce that I originally made with fresh peppers from a local farmer's market. My friends and family quickly became addicted to the mysterious smoky sauce, cleaned out my pantry and talked me into having TORCH professionally bottled and made available to everyone! TORCH is only made once a year, when the chiles are ripe, from fresh jalapenos. The chiles are hand smoked over hickory wood till flavored and sweet, then taken to the bottling company to be combined with the other ingredients, chopped and reduced to become our special version of chiptles in adobo sauce.

OPEN RANGE Dry Rub is a magical, smoky, Southwestern seasoning blend & dry marinade that will add unbelievable flavor to your meats, seafood, poultry and veggies while sealing in juices. OPEN RANGE is all-natural and contains no preservatives or undesirable additives.

GRANDPA'S Hushpuppy Mix is a special family recipe that has been kept secret for over 50 years. My Grandpa used to build a fire by the canal in Florida and heat up a cast iron dutch oven. When my Dad and his brothers and sisters (7 in all) brought up the fish that they'd caught, he'd fry the fish first to flavor the oil and then cook up a batch of delicious hushpuppies.

NEW!! BUCKSHOT Powdered Hickory Smoked Jalapeños is an intense concentration of the wonderful flavor of hot jalapeño and hickory smoke. Buckshot is now sold in a "shotgun shell". Approximately 1/2 pound of fresh peppers equals 1/4 ounce of BUCKSHOT! The peppers are hand-cut, hickory smoked, dehydrated and milled into a course powder. Do not underestimate the heat of BUCKSHOT; this stuff will fire you up! If you are a retailer, ask about our new display when you order Buckshot.

We are now offering
Gift Baskets, "Tee Time" for golfers, one for Barbeque season, "The Q", the perfect accompanyment to barbeque, "Happy Hour" and for our overall food lovers, "Kitchen Wizard". We are happy to create a custom basket for you upon request where you can specify a topic and price range and we'll get all the right goodies included!

We are very proud to have been chosen to be featured on the NBC Today Show following the International Zesty Food Show! We recently met many of you at the Fiery Foods Show in Albuquerque, NM! What a blast we had!! It was terrific to meet you all; we appreciate you stopping at our booth and hope you are enjoying your new products. Hopefully some of you are back for more fiery products. Please email me (jeannette@wilderbs.com) with your comments and recipe ideas. We'd love to hear from you!!

What People are Saying:

As a gallon Torch consumer, you know I love your products! Your dry rub makes a great dip with sour cream and I have to tell you that your new product "Buckshot" has got some killer heat!!! I've used it in my home-made Thai peanut sauce and even put it in cottage cheese as a spicy snack between meals. Can't wait to try your new Hushpuppy Mix. Thanks for providing me with zesty condiments and ways to spice up my usual dishes. Looking forward to visiting your booth at the Zesty Food Show in Albequerque, NM early March!! PS...we need to find someone local to carry Wild 'Erbs products.

A Very Happy Customer,
Upper Saranac Lake, NY

Hi! I got my order yesterday. I am so happy to have Torch again. We were given Torch for Christmas and just put it on the shelf. We didn’t try it for about 2 months. We decided to try it when we realized we’d be seeing our friends and they might ask. We loved it! It was gone pretty fast. You should make larger bottles. This is the best hot sauce I have ever had, and I’ve tried a lot. J I appreciate the dry rub you sent. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Thanks so much!
Have a great day!

"I must say, that I've seen few companies that have as good reply and feedback as you & your company. It's nice to deal with someone who acts and implies professionalism and promptness. I greatly appreciate it and I know the other customers you have also feel the same way."
Otis Key Jr.
Albuquerque, NM
Real Estate Appraiser & Chile Head :O)

"...they produce some goood stuff. We like their unique packaging. Their TORCH brand chipotle pepper hot sauce is steamy. The smoked jalapeno flavor is excellent and it is the majority of content in the 8 oz bottle . It comes with a book of matches to remind you that it is hot stuff. Their OPEN RANGE dry rub comes in an attractive 4 oz tin. It is a tasty tip of the tongue hot blend of salt and chile peppers with some unidentified herbs tossed in. The company also makes a nice line of grilling type gift baskets that sell from $20 to $65."
Barbeque & Beverage Magazine
Early Spring/Collector Issue

I traveled to Denver to visit my sister November 16-18 and bought a bottle of Torch when we visited Idaho Springs. My husband absolutely loved your sauce, he shared with his friends when they came over and finished the bottle in less than one week. He has never found a sauce that has such good smoked flavor."
Delton, MI

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